Open Web Firehose

As organizations scale, they often need access to unfiltered web data feeds at scale. provides unfiltered data from all territories in all languages through our Firehose solution from Open Web verticals

Here are a few examples of how enterprise organizations are using’s firehose to scale their data:

Financial analytics
SESAMm, a fintech company that uses big data and artificial intelligence for investment, has incorporated’s alternative web data into their trading strategies to beat the market and enhance their signal. Increasing numbers of investment managers are using web data for different trading strategies, including predictive analytics applications, machine learning, and natural learning processing (NLP).

Watch the webinar about how SESAMm enhances signal
Download the whitepaper about how SESAMm enhances signal

Predictive analytics
Machine learning platforms like Datarobot have used’s News API to develop a highly accurate predictive model for a future viral score. This helps publishers decide which articles should go on the first page of the publication, and motivates journalists and publishers to focus more on writing high-quality content rather than on generating clickbait titles for monetary gain.

Watch the webinar about how DataRobot develops predictive models
Read the DataRobot case study