Request Sources Interface


Request Sources functionality is enhancing web data coverage through the ability to request additions of News, Blogs and Discussions from While processing requests, we’ll first confirm if the domains are not covered, then check their validity and accessibility, and finally ensure that we can automatically parse the content. If the domain can be automatically crawled and parsed, it will be added to our domains. If the domain cannot be automatically crawled, it may require a custom parser at additional cost.

First Step: New Request

In this step, define the new sources request. Choose the type and you can name it too. Afterwards enter the list of sources you would like to add. Each domain is in a different line. You can also load a CSV file where the domains appear on column A.


When you've completed the request definition, click the "Add Sources" button. This will lead you to the second step, where you can view the ongoing status of your request.

Second Step - Track Results

After you have launched your source request, you can monitor its status in this view. Click on the Source request and see the current execution status and the final result of the domains you've sent.
T You will receive an email when all of the domains in your request have been processed.


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