Query Examples

The following are examples for queries that filter posts for different use cases

Social filters

Use CaseQuery
Find viral news articles that contain the phrase "United States" or "US" in the titleperformance_score:>0 (title:"United States" OR title:US)
Find news or blog posts, with a minimum number of 100 Facebook likes, that mention the keyword "peace"peace social.facebook.likes:>100
Find news posts, with more than 100 Facebook shares.site_type:news (social.facebook.likes:>100)

Geo filters

Use CaseQuery
Find forum posts originating from messageboards in Francethread.country:FR (site_type:discussions)
Find news or blog posts in English in domains ending with the .fr TLD (France)language:english site_suffix:fr (site_type:news OR site_type:blogs)

Content filters

Use CaseQuery
Find news articles that contain the phrase "Data Security" or "Cloud", and not "Apple"("Data Security" OR Cloud) -Apple site_type:news
Find forum topics (first posts) in English with a minimum 10 participants and more than 20 repliesparticipants_count:>10 replies_count:>20 site_type:discussions is_first:true language:english
Find posts in English that mention the phrase "Big Data" in the title but not in the post itselftitle:"big data" -text:"big data" language:english

Rating Filters

Use CaseQuery
Find reviews with score equal or higher than four on Google Play storerating:>=4 site_full:play.google.com
Find reviews with rating lower than 2, mentioning either Apple, iPhone or iPadrating:<2 (Apple OR iphone OR ipad)

Site specific filters

Use CaseQuery
Find posts mentioning the phrase "United States" in either Yahoo, CNN or Baidu.com(site:yahoo.com OR site:cnn.com OR site:baidu.com) "United States"
Find news articles in English from sites categorized as sports sites.site_category:sports language:english site_type:news
Find posts (not comments) that contain a video, from the top 1,000 sites by traffichas_video:true domain_rank:<1000 is_first:true
Find posts that contain links to LinkedIn.com or Yelp.com(external_links:https\:\/\/www.linkedin.com\\/\ OR external_links:https\:\/\/www.yelp.com\/)