The N | B | D API response includes up to 100 search-results and a Meta Info area with reference to API consumption and the request itself, such as the "next" URL to get the next batch of search-results matching your query.

Each result is constructed of 3 objects:

  • The Thread Object provides information about the complete thread (e.g. full article text and associated comments).
  • The Post Object includes information about a particular post in a thread. A post could be the article, i.e the first post, or a comment to the article.
  • The External Images Object includes information about the images found on a page, including visual image analysis and metadata extracted about each image found.

Thread Object

Field NameDescriptionSearchable?Type
uuidA unique ID representing the threadYesString
urlThe link to the top of the threadYesString
site_fullThe complete domain of the siteYesString
siteThe top level domain of the siteYesString
site_sectionA link to the section in the site where the thread was createdYesString
section_titleThe title of the section in the site where the thread was createdYesString
titleThe title of the threadYesString
title_fullThe full title of the thread including prefix or suffix automatically added by the site (like the site name)YesString
publishedThe date/time when the thread was publishedYesDate
replies_countThe number of replies to the main postYesInteger
participants_countThe number of different people who participated in the discussionYesInteger
site_typeIs the site a
news | blogs | discussions source?
main_imageA link to the main image presented with the articleYesString
countryThe article's country of origin is determined by its domain, subdomain, or site section. This is established through the country indicators in the web address (e.g. *.co.fr) or by analyzing the country that generates the most traffic.

To get a full country code list, visit our CountryCode.org
site_categoriesA list of categories for this websiteYesString
socialFacebook SharesYesString
performance_scoreA virality score for news and blogs posts only. The score ranges between 0-10. A score of 0 means that the post didn't do well - it was rarely or never shared. A score of 10 means that the post was "on fire" being shared thousands of times on Facebook.YesInteger
domain_rankA rank that specifies how popular a domain is YesInteger
domain_rank_updateThe date/time when the domain rank were last updatedNoDate
reach.per_millionThe average number of people out of a 1M sample, that visited the website a day.NoDouble
reach.page_viewsper_million: the number of page views on the site, out of every 1M pageviews made by all users of the Internet a day.

per_user: the average of page views a user makes on the website.
reach.updatedThe updated field states when these statistics were last updated.NoString

Date Format:

Post Object

Field NameDescriptionSearchable?Type
uuidA unique ID representing a post in a threadNoString
urlA link to the post in the thread (goes through omgili.com on the free plan)YesString
ord_in_threadThe order in the thread, i.e if its the first post, the second etc..YesInteger
parent_urlFor threaded comments, this field provides the parent comment URL of the current post.NoString
authorThe name of the post authorYesString
publishedThe date/time when the post was published.YesDate
titleThe title of the postYesString
textThe text body of the postYesString
languageThe language of the postYesString
external_linksA list of URLs that are linked from the postYesString
ratingFor review posts, the rating parameter provides the star rating for the review. rating is a floating number between 0.0 to 5.0.YesFloat
entities/sentiment_ persons - a list of identified people names found in the post (currently available for news/blogs posts in English)

_ locations - a list of identified locations found in the post (currently available for news/blogs posts in English)

_ organizations - a list of identified companies/organizations found in the post (currently available for news/blogs posts in English)



_ Sentiment context attached to either a person or organization. Possible values are: positive, negative, none.
crawledThe date/time when the post was crawled.YesDate
sentimentThe sentiment of the news article. May be either Positive, Negative or Neutral Yes
categoriesA list of predetermined categories matching the theme of the news article.Yes

External Images Object

Field NameDescriptionSearchable?Type
urlThe link to the actual imageNoString
meta_infoLink to more information about the imageNoString
uuidA unique ID for the image by content.YesString
labelA list of labels that describe the visual content of the image.YesArray[String]

Meta Info

Field NameDescriptionType
totalResultsThe total number of posts matching your queryInteger
moreResultsAvailableHow many more results are availableInteger
nextA URL to get the next batch of posts matching your query.
See Pagination and Sorting]
requestsLeftHow many more requests are available in your current subscription plan.Integer
JSON Output Example:


"posts": [


"thread": {

"uuid": "fd1c035192a9bf567ed7ee642fa25765bd35ed20",

"url": "https://forums.sherdog.com/threads/when-did-the-nytimes-hire-david-duke-as-an-editor.3951353/page-2",

"site_full": "forums.sherdog.com",

"site": "sherdog.com",

"site_section": "https://forums.sherdog.com/forums/the-war-room.54/",

"site_categories": [





"section_title": "The War Room | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion",

"title": "Opinion - When did the @nytimes hire David Duke as an editor? 2",

"title_full": "Opinion - When did the @nytimes hire David Duke as an editor? | Page 2 | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion",

"published": "2019-04-28T18:49:00.000+03:00",

"replies_count": 11,

"participants_count": 7,

"site_type": "discussions",

"country": "US",

"spam_score": 0.0,

"main_image": "https://cdn1-www-forums.sherdog.com/data/avatars/m/531/531839.jpg?1539103279",

"performance_score": 0,

"domain_rank": ,

"social": {

"facebook": {

"likes": 19,

"comments": 3,

"shares": 1


"gplus": {

"shares": 0


"pinterest": {

"shares": 0


"linkedin": {

"shares": 0


"stumbledupon": {

"shares": 0


"vk": {

"shares": 0




"uuid": "7699ce1c729ce1d681e915f5d8238620f075bf66",

"url": "https://forums.sherdog.com/threads/when-did-the-nytimes-hire-david-duke-as-an-editor.3951353/page-2#post-7",

"ord_in_thread": 7,

"author": "SBJJ",

"published": "2019-04-28T19:48:00.000+03:00",

"title": "",

"text": "It's because Trump disavowed David Duke so many times.",

"highlightText": "It's because Trump disavowed David Duke so many times.... ",

"highlightTitle": "",

"language": "english"

"external_links": [










"external_images": [


"url": "https://cdn1-www-forums.sherdog.com/data/avatars/l/535/535063.jpg",

"meta_info": "/images?token=xxxxxxxx&format=json&q=uuid:107863973373834162119171538058262530453",

"uuid": "107863973373834162119171538058262530453",

"label": [










"entities": {

"persons": [


name: "donald trump",

sentiment: "negative"



"organizations": [


name: "white house",

sentiment: "none"



"locations": [


name: "united states",

sentiment: "none"



name: "federal republic of nigeria",

sentiment: "none"




"rating": null,

"crawled": "2019-04-29T00:29:57.022+03:00"




"totalResults": 11557,

"moreResultsAvailable": 11457,

"next": "/filterWebContent?token=1f853c0a-370c-458f-9b89-9a406272dfe5&format=html&ts=1595077890008&q=%22stock...",

"requestsLeft": 886