Query Examples

Rating Filters

Use CaseQuery
Find Reviews with rating equal or higher than 4 on Google Play storerating:>=4 site_full:play.google.com
Find reviews with rating lower than 3, mentioning either Apple, iPhone or iPadrating:<3 (Apple OR iphone OR ipad)

The following are examples for queries that filter posts for different use cases

Content Filters

Use CaseQuery
Find Reviews that contain "frying pan" OR "frying pot"frying (pan OR pot)
Find Reviews in English or Portugueselanguage:(english OR portuguese)

Site Filters

Use CaseQuery
Find reviews originating from sites in Francethread.country:FR
Find reviews in English from different Tripadvisor domainslanguage:english site:tripadvisor.*

Item Filters

Use CaseQuery
Find Apple Reviews that contain "apple tv" or "airpods", and not "ipod"("apple tv" or "airpods") NOT "ipod"
Find items with a minimum of 10 Reviewers and more than 20 Reviewsreviewers_count:>10 reviews_count:>20
Find posts in English that mention hotel or room and cockroach or ants 🐜 in the Title 🐜 🐜title:((hotel OR room) AND (cockroach OR ant)) language:english