What is a product defined as?
A product can be defined as any entity, an object or component of data, listed on our sources. The product/entity can essentially range from data on consumer goods to restaurants and companies.

What is a product document?
The returned JSON structured data fields corresponding to a specific product found on the page crawled. Each crawled product is assigned a unique identifier or uuid.

How long are reviews stored?

Review data is retained in our system for 30 days. It’s important for your machine to extract the data once received.

How long are products stored for?

Product data is retained infinitely. Meaning, if you decide to activate review retrieval on a product months after initially crawled, this is still possible.

How long does it take to scrape reviews?

Once the get product review endpoint is used to activate review retrieval on a product, we will collect the entire history of reviews on that particular product within 48 hours. Moving forward, we will continue bringing new reviews on the product, if any, every 48 hours as well.

Will I be updated when the data is ready?

You will not be updated when data has been fully collected. We will have full data ready in up to 48 hours. However, if checked on the endpoint earlier, it may be seen that partial data has already been collected.

How will I receive the data?

Data will be received through each endpoint in JSON format.

Where should I use the method ID?

You don't need to use it. However, you can choose to use it if you want to send a query that will return data solely on that method. You will receive a method ID in the output of a successful new search method addition and can later be found in the getSearches endpoint.

Can you deactivate a search method?

No, you can only deactivate products by changing review_retrieval field back to “false” from “true”.

Why can’t I find data on a review uuid when adding my query to the endpoint?

This uuid may have been crawled more than 72 hours ago. We only display review data on our endpoint for 30 days - that is why it is so important for you to extract the data on your side. Also, please ensure you are using the exact uuid you received prior and are using the proper query parameters.

What is the API's rate limit?

All API plans include a unique access token, with a built in rate limitation of 1 (one) request per second.