Overview and Examples


Special Permission Required

The Cyber Endpoint covered in this section provides access to illicit Darknet content such as:
Drugs, PII, Hacking, Terror, Weapons, Sexual media, Financial frauds

🛂 Due to its sensitive nature, access to the Cyber API is limited.
Talk to an Expert for further information.



To use the API you need to call an endpoint URL with your private access token. You can generate your call URL on our API Playground (you must be logged in to use it).

Dark Web Data feeds are designed to help predict & prevent cyber threats and to diagnose detected incidents.

  • Use the Cyber API playground environment for testing before you integrate a query into your application code
  • Get results in commonly used formats: JSON (Default) or XML
  • Search up to 2 years back
  • The playground environment maintains several sample queries and a list of your latest queries

The Cyber API Scope

The Cyber API section covers -

Cyber API sectionWhat can I see here?
Overview and ExamplesThis outline
Pagination and SortingHow to get all the data for a query, not just the first 10 matching results?
GET parametersWhat you need to set up a GET request: A parameters table
Filters ReferenceParameters used to filter request output data
Output ReferenceA collection of objects containing output data, for each received post.
Query ExamplesShort examples for queries that filter posts for different use cases
Frequently Asked QuestionsJust that