API Endpoints


The eCommerce API workflow consists of 7 different endpoints that are:

  1. Add New Search Method
    1. Adding new crawling requests.
      1. Has a discovery layer to find new (previously unknown) product urls and a direct access layer for previously known product urls.
      2. Retrieving product data may take as long as 48 hours.
  2. Get Product Data
    1. Extracting product data from the specified search method.
  3. Update Products (Product and Reviews Activation)
    1. Activating continuous product information updates and review collection on products.
      1. Starts by collecting all historical review data.
        1. May take as long as 48 hours.
      2. Continues by collecting new reviews and new product information updates on an ongoing basis.
        1. May take as long as 48 hours.
        2. Updated product information data will be found in the getProducts endpoint.
        3. Reviews data will be found in the getReviews endpoint.
  4. Get Review Data
    1. Retrieving the review data of an “activated” product.
      1. Collection of product reviews is dependent on activating review retrieval on existing, already-crawled, product uuid’s.
  5. Get Search Methods
    1. Reviewing all search method requests sent.
  6. Get Status
    1. Checking the status of how many products and reviews credits are available in correspondence to the purchased package.
  7. Delete Products
    1. Deleting products and their corresponding reviews.
    2. Only available to subscription customers.

Usage Guidelines

  • In order to retrieve product data, use endpoint 1-2.
  • In order to retrieve product review data, use endpoints 1-4.
  • API adheres to a 48 hour latency across all request types.
  • Review data is retained in our system for 30 days since retrieval, and then is terminated.
    • Note: It is important to extract the data to your system quickly (we only store review data on our side for 30 days) after collection is complete from our side. This is especially relevant for the initial historical review data that is gathered on a product.
  • Search method ids are retained indefinitely.
  • Product data is retained indefinitely.
  • Search Methods Input must use all caps.

For further explanation on how to use each endpoint, read our API Usage Flow section.