The Reviews API response includes up to 100 Reviews and a Meta Info area with reference to API consumption and the request itself, such as the "next" URL to get the next batch of Reviews matching your query.

Each Review is constructed of 2 objects:

  • The Item Object provides information about the complete item (e.g. product/service and associated reviews).
  • The Review Object includes information about a particular review of an item.

Item Object

Field NameDescriptionSearchable?Type
uuidA unique ID representing the itemYesString
urlThe link to the itemYesString
site_fullThe complete domain of the siteYesString
siteThe top level domain of the siteYesString
site_sectionA link to the section in the site where the item was postedYesString
section_titleThe title of the section in the site where the item was postedYesString
titleThe title of the itemYesString
title_fullThe full title of the item including prefix or suffix automatically added by the site (like the site name)YesString
publishedThe date/time when the item was published.YesDate
reviews_countThe number of reviews for this itemYesInteger
reviewers_countThe number of different people who participated in the discussionYesInteger
main_imageA link to the main image of the itemNoString
countryThe country of the site, determined automatically by the site language, IP and TLD

To get a full country code list, visit our country codes index.
site_categoriesA list of categories for this websiteYesString
domain_rankA rank that specifies how popular a domain is YesInteger
domain_rank_updateThe date/time when the domain rank were last updatedNo Date

Review Object

Field NameDescriptionSearchable?Type
uuidA unique ID representing a post in a threadNoString
urlA link to the review of the itemYesString
ord_in_threadThe order of the review in the thread, i.e if its the first review, the second etc..YesInteger
authorThe name of the review authorYesString
publishedThe date/time when the review was published.YesDate
titleThe title of the reviewYesString
textThe text body of the reviewYesString
languageThe language of the reviewYesString
external_linksA list of URLs that are linked from the reviewYesString
ratingTthe rating parameter provides the star rating for the review. rating is a floating number between 0.0 to 5.0.YesFloat
crawledThe date/time when the review was crawled.YesDate

Meta info

Field NameDescriptionType
totalResultsThe total number of reviews matching your queryInteger
moreResultsAvailableHow many more reviews are availableInteger
nextA URL to get the next batch of reviews matching your query. See Pagination and Sorting in this section.String
requestsLeftHow many more requests are available in your current subscription plan.Integer
JSON Output Example:


"item": {

"uuid": "6736e4755405446865f8091de3c145f2dce6a78e",

"url": "https://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/samsung_cell_phones.html",

"site_full": "www.consumeraffairs.com",

"site": "consumeraffairs.com",

"site_section": "https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/samsung-says-its-sorry-its-devices-tend-to-explode-and-catch-fire-110816.html",

"site_categories": [],

"section_title": "Samsung says it's sorry its devices tend to explode and catch fire",

"title": "440 Cell Phones",

"title_full": "Top 440 Complaints and Reviews about Samsung Cell Phones",

"published": "2017-02-14T06:50:00.000+02:00",

"reviews_count": 29,

"reviewers_count": 30,

"country": "US",

"spam_score": 0.0,

"main_image": "",

"domain_rank": 7480


"uuid": "c136e1e17506f0b61b13f28c7063bdbcd12df8ce",

"url": "https://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/samsung_cell_phones.html#review-2495778",

"ord_in_thread": 28,

"author": "LUANNE of Tewksbury, MA",

"published": "2017-06-07T09:37:00.000+03:00",

"title": "",

"text": "I have always loved Samsung products but the tablet my husband and I spent almost 600.00 and used 6 or 7 times is not working and repairing it is going to cost another couple of 100.00. I have never been so angry and felt so ripped off in my life. A huge co. like Samsung just completely robbed us and we have no recourse and we have been dealing with it for almost 2 years. The tablet is sitting in a box taking up space but I can't just throw it away. I keep hoping a miracle will happen and Samsung will stand behind their product. News flash, I will be old and gray and that tablet will still be sitting in its box.\nWe had the same problem a lot of people have had. After an update the screen went black and has remained so yet you know it has power because the screen is not quite as black as when the tablet is off. We are so angry. We are not wealthy people and when you shell out almost 600 for a product from a reputable company you expect, rightfully so, the product you purchased is going to perform as advertised. SAMSUNG IS NOT A COMPANY TO PUT YOUR FAITH OR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY INTO. DO NOT PURCHASE SAMSUNG. If you have a problem it will be your problem only because once Samsung has your money you don't matter!!!",

"highlightText": "",

"highlightTitle": "",

"language": "english",

"external_links": [],

"rating": 1.0,

"crawled": "2017-06-23T14:24:27.000+03:00"