Query Examples

Post Filters

Use caseQuery
Search for posts that indicate illegal activity in darknet marketplacestext:"Selling credit card" AND site.type:market
Search for mentions of an organization in a specific sitetitle:”ACME Resorts” AND site.domain:raidforums.com
Search for content in a specific language on a darknet message board or forum(language:russian site.type:discussions
Search for content that was published in a certain time frame from a specific sourcesite.name:4chan (published:>1596240000000 published:<1599550000000)
Search for posts that include routers' default gateway IP (might indicate a cyber risk )enriched.ip.value:( OR OR

Thread Filters

Use caseQuery
Searching for a group/channel in one of the chat networksthread.url:"https://t.me/Fullz"
Searching for posts from a specific section in the sitethread.site_section:"https://raidforums.com/Forum-Databases"
Searching for a thread with a specific topic and a minimum count of participants and commentsthread.title:"openbullet" thread.participants_count:>5 thread.replies_count:>10

Extended Filters

Use caseQuery
Searching for external links on sites with specific suffixesextended.external_link:*.onion
Searching for content related to drug trafficking in login-protected sitesextended.required_login:true
Filter by networkextended.network:telegram

Enriched Filters

Use caseQuery
Filter by categoryenriched.category:financial
Searching for mentions of emails from a specific domainenriched.email.value:*@acme.com
Searching for specific phone valuesenriched.phone.value:*15159992896
Searching for credit card leaksenriched.credit_card.count:>5 enriched.category:pii