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This is important

Some data fields & filters were added along the way, and didn't exist before certain dates.
Thus, the following are applicable to filter Historical Data by, from the date added, onwards:

  • country classification didn't exist before December 2014
  • Entities didn't exist before March 2015.
  • performance_score didn't exist before May 2015.
  • domain_rank didn't exist before April 2016.
  • Sentiment didn't exist before June 2016.
  • has_video was added on July 2016 and didn't exist before.
  • Social Signals & site_category didn't exist before August 2016.
  • rating didn't exist before February 2017.

First Step: Define Your Query

In this step, define the filters that will bring in the relevant posts you need. You can do that by writing a Boolean query like you would do with the live data.


When your query is ready, click on the RUN button to preview the results. Check them to ensure that they are relevant, since the same query will be used to filter data from the archive.
The following example uses the query “Donald Trump” language:English:


Second Step: Set a Timeframe for your Query

Now that you have your query ready, you can define the start month/year and the end month/year to restrict your data. Note that as you change the timeframe, the estimated number of posts changes as does the price.
The estimated total number of posts is calculated by querying 30 days live data and then multiplying the resulting count by the number of months spanned by the archive request.


Third Step: Checkout

Having approved your order, our system will commence retrieving the data. It may take a few minutes to a few hours to retrieve all the data.


When the job is completed, we will send you an email with a link to download the data.
You can also check the dashboard for your order status.

Ready to retrieve Historical data using the Archive UI?

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