GET Parameters

Request method is HTTP GET.

URL Structure[QUERY]

HTTP GET Parameters

qA Boolean query containing the filters that define which reviews will be returned.Find any review containing either ipod or ipad, but not android:

(ipod OR ipad) -android
tokenYour private access token that you received when you signed up.&token=[MY TOKEN]
sortWhen the sort parameter isn’t specified, the results are sorted by default in the recommended order of crawl date.
You can change the sort type by using the following values:

  • relevancy
  • reviews_count
  • reviewers_count
  • spam_score
  • domain_rank

  • Review Order

  • rating
orderIf you choose to order the reviews by any of the above sort types, you can choose the sort order:

Ascending - asc (default)
Descending - desc
fromA paging parameter applicable for sort types other than crawl date.&from=100
tsThe ts (timestamp) parameter returns results that were crawled after this timestamp (ts is a Unix timestamp in milliseconds).
Here is a Timestamp/Date converter
When not specified the default is the past 3 days.
formatThe output format of the results set. It can be one of:

  • json (default)
  • xml
  • rss
  • excel
sizeThe number of reviews returned per request. size may be between 1 and 100 (default is 100).&size=2
Will return 2 reviews
latestReturn the latest 100 crawled reviews matching your query.
Use of this feature is NOT recommended as it may result in loss of important reviews.