Data Breach Detection 2.0

What is the default time frame, if not defined by the GET parameter mentioned above?

If not defined, the query will retrieve content from the entire DBD pool (up to 5 years of compromised PII data).

What are the values on the cyber_doc_ref field?

The cyber_doc_ref field is populated when the post was retrieved from our Cyber coverage. This gives you the reference and full context of the detected post, as found in the Cyber endpoint.

Is there a way to retrieve results from the latest crawled leaks?

using the &since HTTP GET parameter and setting it to the desired Unix timestamp in milliseconds, the retrieved data will match the queried time frame - From the defined since GET parameter, until now.

What entities are supported in the DBD endpoint?

Emails, Credit cards, BIN numbers (6 or 8 digits), SSN, Phone, Account names, Passports