Cyber API

What types of illicit content is covered?

Our crawlers mainly focus on:

Drugs - trafficking, buying/selling, discussions, reviews of vendors.

Hacking - techniques and tools, discussions, ransomware group sites, cyberattacks, vulnerabilities, fraud committed by hacking, and more.

PII - Leaked personally identifiable information, fake IDs, Licenses and passports offered for sale.

Terror - Discussions associated with White Supremacy, Nazism, racism and Antisemitism.

Weapons - trafficking, buying/selling, discussions.

Financial Fraud - fraud techniques, fraud committed against financial institutions, forged documents, illegal transactions, leaked bank account details, and more.

Counterfeit - Counterfeited items exchange.

How far back can we search, calling the Cyber Endpoint?

The Cyber repositories store up to 2 years back of crawled content.

What sources are supported in the Cyber endpoint? crawls gated content, password and capthcha protected sources from a variety of anonymous networks including TOR, Open and Deep Web, Zeronet, I2P, OpenBazaar, BlockchainDNS, messaging apps such as Telegram, Discord, IRC and more.

My company uses for Domain-Threat-Monitoring. I'm running a search for the company name and receive 0 results. Does it mean my company is safe?

Unfortunately, it does not. Hackers might not explicitly use a company name since they wouldn't want to get exposed. So, for example - after running a search for a particular company’s name that didn't necessarily yield results - you'd want to back it up with a search for the company's IP addresses (e.g. SMTP or POP) that could also potentially return hits. Another example is searching for credit card BINs rather than searching for the bank's name - which wouldn't usually return results. Other company 'identifiers' are variations of the company name, the website, email domain, products, services, C-level executives.

I searched for posts from specific TOR addresses and received very few results

When you filter results by a specific marketplace Onion, you’ll get results only from this specific marketplace address, even though there might be many more Onions mirrors for that marketplace. Using the filter, would usually do the trick, so for example matching against"Dream Market" - would yield millions of search results.

What entities are supported?


Credit Cards

Social Security Numbers

Wallet IDs

Phone, numbers